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IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week (9-10-18)

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This past week in the Washington Post, there was an emotional story on Brian Mazone and how his lifelong dream of pitching in the big leagues was washed away in an instance. I encourage you to go on line and read it for yourself.

In September 2006, Mazone, a 30 year old career minor league baseball pitcher, was called up to the majors to make his debut. There was only one problem. The game was rained out, Mazone was sent back to the minors, and was never called back again to pitch in the big leagues.

What a tough pill to swallow. Sad to say, but this can be the harsh reality of sports. Regardless of how hard you work and how much you prepare, there are no guarantees.

While in high school, you can do all the right things in regards to preparation, and there are no guarantees of playing time or success in your sport. Be sure to play sports  for fun and always give it your best effort. You never know when your dreams could disappear or be taken away from you!

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