IHSAA Blue Horseshoe Award

The IHSAA Blue Horseshoe Award is a state-wide program that invites Indiana high school athletic teams of all sports to complete community service projects during the off-season. Teams that participate will enter their projects into the contest, and the winning squad will be invited to an Indianapolis Colts game and honored for its hard work.

High school teams are urged to begin their involvement in activities that support and grow their local communities.

Each participating school is invited to enter its service projects into the IHSAA Blue Horseshoe Award process. A Blue Ribbon Panel of judges will review the entries and choose a winner.

The Indiana high school team that is chosen as the winner of the IHSAA Blue Horseshoe Award will be invited to a 2014 Indianapolis Colts game as guests of the team. The winning squad will be treated to an NFL game at Lucas Oil Stadium, and be honored at halftime in front of 63,000 fans.

This program offers a great opportunity for high school student-athletes to develop as teammates, aid their community, promote their school AND be featured on the national NFL stage.

Follow the steps outlined in this booklet and commit the time to become a recipient of the IHSAA Blue Horseshoe Award!

Blue Horseshoe Award

Project Ideas

  • - Assist a food pantry in collecting, organizing and delivering food, or sponsor your own food drive
  • - Clean a local public park, road, or common area
  • - Conduct a winter clothing drive
  • - Assist in the construction of a home or shelter for a family in need
  • - Create a program to honor local veterans or community leaders
  • - Participate in a community-wide service day
  • - Volunteer assistance in organizing and executing an event that benefits the community
  • - Conduct a sports camp for underprivileged children
  • - Provide tutoring services to students in your school system
  • - Aid a local shelter in organizing fall or holiday events
  • - Provide food service assistance to a soup kitchen
  • - Assist a local red cross or other community organization
  • - Teach football to local children in foster care
  • - Design and execute a program for elementary students where team members speak about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and tobacco
  • - Help a local crime prevention program by participating as crime watch members, and speak to citizens about the dangers of violence