Emergency By-Law Amendments




Magnet School Ė Public school within a school corporation specializing in a particular area, for example, languages or technology, in addition to providing general education.The student body, in its entirety, must consist of students whose legal residence is from inside the local school corporationís boundaries.


Rule 12 Ė Attendance and Enrollment


Rule 12-4

A student is eligible to participate in an athletic program involving IHSAA recognized sports only at the member school in which the student is enrolled and attends.The foregoing not withstanding, if a student is enrolled at and attends a magnet school that is part of the school corporation in which the student legally resides, the student may participate in the athletic program at the public school serving the studentís residence, provided:

††††††††††† a.†† The magnet school does not accept any student who is not a legal residence within the boundaries of sponsoring school corporation,

††††††††††† b.†† The magnet school does not sponsor any athletic program involving an IHSAA recognized sport what so ever,

††††††††††† c.†† Prior to participation, the student, through the IHSAA member school, provides proof that the spirit of the eligibility rules will not be compromised and receives written approval from the Association, and

††††††††††† d.†† The magnet school student seeking eligibility must adhere to all IHSAA standards for eligibility including, but not limited to, academic standards, behavioral expectations and attendance requirements.


Rule 16 Administrative Decisions



When an administrative decision is protested, the use of a contestant or the use of an official is protested in a season contest, the contest shall be played as scheduled and a formal protest, with evidence, may then be filed with the Commissioner who will then determine the action to be taken.


Contest decisions by game officials are considered final and binding.


If a student meets all of the standards of the eligibility rules, but is ineligible due to an administrative error, such as the failure to be listed on an entry list, etc., the same procedure as outlined in Rule 3-9 applies.However, if the studentís ineligibility is for or during the IHSAA Tournament Series, the member school, may seek a waiver of the disqualification and the penalties to be assessed by affirmatively showing that the ineligibility was in no way the result of the acts or omissions of the student, that the incident was not intentional, that facts were not purposely witheld or withheld until an advantageous time and that the disqualification and penalty will result in an undue hardship, and by proposing an alternative penalty.Any approval or denial of a proposed alternative penalty shall be at the discretion of the Commissioner, and shall be considered as final and binding, and not reviewable.


In cases of disputes involving other school personnel, contracts, etc., the principal must submit all known details in writing to the Commissioner who will determine the action to be taken.