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November 8, 2004





The Indianapolis Colts will be honoring 24 high school student-athletes this Sunday, November 14 at 8:30 a.m. in Room 143-4 of the Indiana Convention Center (adjacent to the ATA North Lounge). 

            In conjunction with the Indiana High School Athletic Association and the Indiana Football Coaches Association, the Colts will cite 24 outstanding student-athletes with an award called the 2004 Indiana High School Academic All-Stars. 

            The Colts, the IHSAA and the IFCA have worked together for the past six years to present these annual awards to the top student-athletes at each position.  This year, the IFCA polled high school head coaches around the state, and the coaches tabbed approximately 125 players who ranked in the top ten percent of their respective classes.  The IFCA selection committee narrowed the list to 24 winners, and those chosen truly represent the spirit of the award.  Twenty-one of the 24 honorees are either class valedictorian (14) or salutatorian (7). Nine of the 10 high school regions throughout the State of Indiana have an award-winner, and each of the state’s five classes is represented on the all-star team.

            The 24 2004 Indiana High School Academic All-Stars will be honored on Sunday at the morning program, and they will be presented at halftime of the Colts-Houston Texans game (kickoff is 1:00 p.m. ET).

            “On behalf of Jim Irsay and the Irsay family, and with deep appreciation for the IHSAA and IFCA, the Colts are pleased to honor 24 outstanding football players who represent their families and schools in an outstanding manner,” said Colts President Bill Polian.  “The dedication it takes to be an excellent achiever in the classroom and on the playing field is something that goes unnoticed too often.  This award honors those young men who carry themselves with dignity, integrity and a sense of purpose.  They, like many other students, possess the values cherished in young adults.  We are pleased to identify these individuals, and it will be an honor to recognize them on our playing field this Sunday.”

            “On behalf of the IFCA, this is a great opportunity to honor another group of outstanding high school student-athletes around the State of Indiana.  This is what the IFCA is all about, and we thank the coaches and parents who helped shape the lives of these young men,” said Mark A. Miller, athletic director and head football coach at Rochester High School and past IFCA president.  “Everyone I have talked with about this program is excited about the Indianapolis Colts’ participation with high schools.  We look forward to this being a long-lasting mutual relationship.”

Media members are invited to cover Sunday’s press conference.  Reporters and photographers may report to Room 143-4 at 8:00 a.m.  For more information, please call Pam Humphrey at (317) 808-5111.


2004 Indiana High School Academic All-Stars




                                    Pos.        Name                           High School

                                    WR         Eric Raver                    North Decatur

                                    WR         Jordan McClain             Whiteland

                                    TE           Mark Turpin                  Evansville Harrison

                                    OL          Justin Wirth                   Floyd Central                                    

                                    OL          Cody Panszi                  Muncie Central                     

                                    OL          John Garrison                Clinton Central

                                    OL          Andy Steward               Plainfield                               

                                    OL          Kurt Graham                 Pioneer

                                    QB          Kai McCurdy                Anderson Highland                

                                    RB          Bryan Wong                 Tippecanoe Valley                 

                                    RB          Tyler Frounfelter           Rochester                 

                                    RB          Tim Schrock                 Avon




                                    Pos.        Name                           High School

                                    DL          Josh Ratcliff                  Lafayette Harrison

                                    DL          Jason Toler                   Indianapolis North Central                  

                                    DL          Joshua Weddell             Indianapolis Northwest

                                    DL          Thomas Bemenderfer    Penn

                                    LB          Kyle Bowman               Southwood

                                    LB          Mark Graves                 Evansville Memorial              

                                    LB          Tommy Szalasny           West Lafayette

                                    LB          Devin Shone                 New Castle                           

                                    DB          Philip Schmidt               South Adams            

                                    DB          Shea Idlewine               Madison Grant                      

                                    DB          Cal Bearman                 Heritage

                                    PK          Matthew Hostettler       North Posey