IHSAA Soccer

Overtime Information


Tie Games

A.   Season contests which are tied at the end of 80 minutes of play shall remain a tie.

B.   A tie game may be resolved ONLY

1.   When both schools are from the same Conference and

2.   The Conference has determined to use the Tie Game Procedure (follow Tournament Tie-Break Procedure)


Tournament Tie-Break Procedure

The following tie-break procedures shall be used in all IHSAA soccer tournament play.

A.   There shall be two (2) seven (7) minute overtime periods played.

      A coin toss shall be held as in Rule 5-2-2(e)

B.   Teams will change ends between each seven minute period.  Play will continue immediately.

C.   If the score still remains tied, all coaches, officials and team captains shall assemble at the halfway line to review the procedure as outlined below:

1.   The head referee shall choose the goal at which all of the kicks from the penalty line shall be taken.

2.   Each coach will select any five players on or off the field (except those who may have been disqualified) to take the kicks.

3.   A coin toss shall be held as in Rule 5-2-2(e).  The team winning the toss shall have the choice of kicking first or second.

4.   Teams will alternate kickers.  There is no follow-up on the kick.

5.   The defending team may change the goal keeper prior to each penalty kick.

6.   Following five kicks for each team, the team scoring on the greatest number of these kicks shall be declared the winner.

7.   Add one goal to the winning team score and credit the team with a victory.  An asterisk (*) may be placed by the team advancing to indicate the advancement was the result of a tie breaker system.

8.   The coach and team shall remain on the sideline during the penalty kicks. 


D.   If the score remains tied after each team has had five kicks:

1.   Each coach will select five different players than the first five who already have kicked to take the kicks in a sudden victory situation, wherein if one team scores and the other team does not score, the game is ended without more kicks being taken.

2.   If the score remains tied, continue the sudden victory kicks with the coach selecting any five players to take the next set of alternating kicks. If a tie still remains, repeat d-1.

E.   The coach and the remainder of the team shall remain on the team sideline during the penalty kick portion of the overtime period.