IHSAA Soccer

2006-07 Controlled Scrimmage Rules and Regulations



I.       Date

Each soccer-playing school may choose to participate in an inter-school controlled scrimmage to be held at least 48 hours prior to the first contest of each participating school.


Only one scrimmage shall be held by a high school.  JV players and freshman players may be utilized, provided that they have been included in the practices prior to the scrimmage and that their plays are included as part of the scrimmage time limit.  There shall be no separate freshman or junior varsity scrimmages organized.



II.      Contractual Agreement

Schools who choose to participate in a scrimmage must schedule another Indiana team.  Schools are implored to use good judgment and attempt to scrimmage against a team that is similar to their talent and skill level.


There shall be a contract between the two schools which will include the location, time and any financial arrangement between schools.


Spectator admission into the scrimmage would be an option of the participating schools.  Both schools must be in agreement with financial arrangements prior to the scrimmage.



III.     Coaches

Each team may have the head coach and two additional coaches on the field during the scrimmage.  All other coaches will be on the sideline, or in the bleachers.


Each team shall have the opportunity to videotape/film the scrimmage.  Only one person from each team will be allowed to videotape/film the scrimmage.  Scouting should not be allowed at the scrimmage. The scrimmage videotapes shall not be exchanged with other coaches for the purpose of scouting.  The purpose of the scrimmage is evaluation of your own squad.


Coaches should communicate with each other prior to the scrimmage.  This should be done to assure players are competing against players of comparable talent level and so that coaches are in agreement as to the format of the time schedules.



IV.     Players

Only those players who have participated in five days of practice shall be allowed to participate in this scrimmage.



V.      Time Schedule


15 Minute Warm-up


Session 1 (50 minutes)

25 minutes

Team A


25 minutes

Team B


·         Head coach and two assistants on the field

·         Unlimited time-outs

·         Unlimited substitutions

·         Running time

·         Coaches can elect to work on any offensive and defensive tactics


Session 2 (55 minutes)

Full Field Scrimmage

20 minutes

·         Unlimited time-outs

·         Unlimited substitutions

·         Three coaches per team on the field

·         Running time


20 minutes

·         No time-outs

·         National Federation substitution rules

·         One coach per team on the field

·         Game-like conditions

·         Running time


Penalty Kicks

15 minutes

·         After scrimmage

·         Alternating kicks by teams


Total time for Controlled Scrimmage:  2 Hours (including warm-up)


If this scrimmage format is not followed, it will be considered a contest and shall count as one of the allowable season contests.



VI.     Officials

Two officials shall be provided by the home team.  There will be a running clock.  The only time the clock will stop will be for an injury.  Officials should go through all signals, but the clock operator should not stop the clock for fouls, violations, etc.  This does not apply to the “GAME SITUATIONS” part of the scrimmage.


Officials are responsible for seeing that the clock keeps running and that no more than the maximum time of each segment is played.  This is a very important point.


The scrimmage officials are responsible for enforcing all the specified rules, including the time rules of the scrimmage.  No one has the authority to supersede the officials’ decision on any aspect of the scrimmage.


The IHSAA will strictly enforce the scrimmage format.  Schools who choose to use other scrimmage formats are subject to disciplinary procedures.