2005-2006 NFHS Swimming and Diving Rules Changes



3-2-3 Penalty #1 In non-championship meets, a competitor who has been officially entered in an event but does not compete shall be disqualified from that event only.

3-3-4 When it is discovered that any competitor is wearing illegal attire or jewelry, he/she will not be permitted to participate in an event until the illegal attire or jewelry is replaced or removed.

4-2-2(n) New To stop or suspend competition or suspend/terminate a contest whenever the elements require. Be familiar with the NFHS Lightning Guidelines on page ___.

7-1-2 Note If agreement on scoring systems cannot be reached, the system in 7-1-2(b) will be used.

8-2-2(c) Some part of the head must break the water surface before the hands turn inward at the widest part of the second stroke after the start and after each turn.

Diving Chart Add dive #5227 back somersault with 3 twist free (DD 3.1).

9-6-3(b) New NOTE: The announcer shall announce (and may also display) the award given the dive.

9-8-3 A diver shall be disqualified and shall perform no further dives if he/she fails two dives.