Updated 1/14/05


2004-05 IHSAA Gymnastics Rules Interpretations


Vault Table

USA Gymnastics recently approved an increase in the maximum height for the vault table.  The new height parameters are 115-135 cm instead of 115-125 cm as specified in the NFHS Girls Gymnastics Rules Book.  This has risk management implications for any gymnasts who practice and/or compete in the private gymnastics club, then participate on a high school team.

Therefore, the NFHS Girls Gymnastics Committee has approved a new height for the vault table consistent with USAG, 115-135 cm.  No gymnast is required to use the higher setting, but this makes it legal to do so. 




There are conflicting statements in the 2004-2006 NFHS Girls Gymnastics Rules Book:

On p. 83, Points of Emphasis, revise to read, “Completion of a Skill: A skill is considered complete on beam and floor when a base of support is reestablished . . . . .  A skill on bars is complete when the skill has ended in an extended hang, front, rear or clear support, handstand or suspension under the low bar.  Note: These revisions make this section consistent with the definition found on p. 89.

A clarification on Criteria for Selected Jumps and Leaps on p. 84.  Although the tuck jump, cat leap, wolf jump and pike jump are not all addressed in one sentence, the guidelines of “within 10 degrees” applies to all of them.  When the thighs reach within 10 degrees of horizontal of the tuck jump and cat leap, the extended leg reaches within 10 degrees of horizontal on the wolf jump or the degree of pike is within 10 degrees of the specified degree of pike, the gymnast is considered to have met the requirement.