Uneven Bar Matting



Please note the following warning:


AAI uneven bars are built for the center of the uprights on both the high and low bars to be set at 94 . Therefore, the available space between the two bases is 92 for the new Elite uneven bars and 90 on the older model Classic Uneven bars. Neither set of bars allows for the use of 8 foot wide mats between the bars. When an 8 foot wide mat is placed between the bases, the uprights are no longer perpendicular. This improper geometry can cause the bases of the apparatus to slip, and an 8 foot wide mat may cause the unit to collapse.


AAI would suggest one of two options:

1.       use a 7 bar filler between the bars and the 8 foot mats at the mount and dismount area.

2.       use 7 wide landing mats along the entire length of the bar area.


If you have any questions concerning this issue, feel free to contact our office.