2006-07 IHSAA Gymnastics Participation Rules

Frequently Asked Questions




1.    IHSAA First Practice Date

      November 20, 2006


2.    IHSAA First Contest Date

      December 4, 2006


3.    Practice Requirements

      A student-athlete must have 10 separate days of organized practice preceding participation in his/her first contest.


4.    Outstanding Student Participant Waiver Forms

      Student athletes may participate in no more than two non-school contests during the contest season provided a completed waiver application form for each contest is forwarded to the IHSAA Office seven days prior to the event.  Student athletes do not need to submit waiver applications for events held prior to the first contest date as so designated by the IHSAA.


5.    Non-School Instruction During the Contest Season

IHSAA By-Law 15-1.1b:

            Student-athletes may receive non-school instruction so long as:

(1)     it is not mandated, scheduled, or paid for by the school

(2)     no school practices or competitions are missed

(3)     no student from another school is participating in the non-school instruction

      IHSAA By-Law 15-1.1d:

(1)     Student-athletes may practice in the same facility with athletes from other schools so long as they are doing their own workout under the direct supervision and instruction of their own coach

(2)     A student-athlete may work out in the presence of other athletes so long as the other athletes have not reached the ninth grade


      a.   Multiple gymnasts from the same high school may receive instruction from a non-school coach at the same time. 

      b.   Junior high and other non-high school gymnasts may train with a high school gymnast on the same piece of equipment simultaneously, and receive instruction from one non-school coach.

c.   Gymnasts who are from different high schools must train on separate equipment with separate coaches using separate workouts.  Example:  Three female high school gymnasts representing three different high schools are present during a club workout. They must be stationed on separate equipment, complete separate workouts under three separate coaches.

      d.   During a club practice, every high school that is represented must have a coach in the gym.  If a club practice and a high school practice are occurring at the same time, in the same facility, but are working out on different equipment, a coach cannot serve in both capacities at the same time (high school and club).

      e.   No high school practices may be missed in order to participate in a club practice.  Student-athletes must attend all scheduled high school practices.

6.    Miscellaneous Questions

      Can gymnasts participate in a club practice on a Sunday? yes

      Can gymnasts participate in a club meet on a Sunday? yes




Member school coaches may offer opportunities to their student-athletes during the school year out of season in two different ways:


1.    Conditioning

These are programs designed for and limited to activities which promote physical fitness.  Examples of permissible activities are weightlifting, running, and plyometric training.  Member school coaches may supervise these programs provided that attendance is open to all students of that school, attendance and participation are voluntary, and specific equipment related to gymnastics are not used.


2.    Open Facilities

These are programs in which the school facility is open to all students for participation.  Specific equipment related to gymnastics may be used.  Member school coaches may supervise the program, communicate with students and offer correction provided they do not organize or provide practices, the program is open to all students of the member school, and attendance and participation is voluntary.  The coaching staff may offer instruction and work directly with a maximum of two athletes at a time.


3.    Miscellaneous Questions

      Can gymnasts participate in an open facility on a Sunday? no

      Can gymnasts participate in a conditioning session on a Sunday? no  




1.    Participation

      Participation in all summer activities shall be voluntary.


2.    Awards

      Merchandise and awards, other than those of symbolic value, may not be accepted for athletic proficiency.


3.    Moratorium

      Each member school shall observe a moratorium during the week which includes July 4th.  During this seven day period, there shall be no contact between athletes and coaches.