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Blake Ress, Commissioner


                                                                                                                                  August 2, 2005




The Indiana High School Athletic Association is announcing its endorsement of “Stats & Go” as its exclusive athletic statistics reporting and publishing service beginning in the 2005-06 academic year.


“Stats & Go” is a powerful online service that greatly simplifies the process of recording, tabulating, publishing, and accessing comprehensive sports statistics for everyone involved in amateur athletic leagues.  “Stats & Go” allows coaches and their statisticians to record and publish statistics completely online; reducing the time the process takes from hours to minutes.  “Stats & Go” also automatically compiles and publishes these stats to media outlets, meaning student athletes from all high schools in the association will get the publicity and recognition they deserve.  Moreover, students, parents, and fans can track their favorite student-athletes and teams from anywhere simply by accessing “Stats & Go” through the IHSAA website at or at


“We are optimistic this change will prove to be an enhancement to the statistics-collecting process and allow us to expand this service to include additional sports,” said IHSAA Commissioner Blake Ress. 


The IHSAA had previously compiled statistics for boys and girls basketball, football, and boys and girls soccer.  Through “Stats & Go”, the association will add baseball, softball, and volleyball to its previous sports. Future plans could include cross country, golf, swimming, track and field, and wrestling.


 “Gaining the endorsement of the IHSAA is very exciting,” said Al Miller, Vice President of Athletic Relations with “Stats & Go”.  “We have registered teams and leagues from across the country, but the IHSAA now joins Iowa as state associations who have formally endorsed “Stats & Go” for statewide use.  The benefits not only will affect coaches and statisticians, but also players, families, and fans.  Members of the media will no longer have to wait for faxes, meaning student athletes will get timely recognition that excellence deserves.”


The IHSAA had previously compiled all its statistics manually, with schools e-mailing or faxing their information to the association office.  With “Stats & Go”, each school will enter its statistics for the week by Monday.  The IHSAA leaders then will be taken from “Stats & Go” and included in the association’s weekly press release.  Coaches, fans, and media will be able to compare leaders by state, class, conference, or nationally.


Use of “Stats & Go” is free, supported fully by national, state, and local sponsors.