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"Promoting education based athletics in Indiana"

Does the New Year bring a fresh start for you and your training regimen? If you are currently playing a sport, it probably doesn't because you are in the middle of a season, and that's fine. However, if you are thinking ahead to a spring sport or next fall, now is the time to set yourself and your training in motion.

My question to you is "What are you going to do today in order to beat your competition tomorrow?" Tomorrow may be two to six months away, but it's never to early to put a plan into motion.

What are you willing to do in order to separate yourself from others? If you just go through the normal training that teammates and opposing schools are doing, you probably won't make the necessary improvements that will make the difference you are looking for.

Find a way to do the extra things that will give you an advantage over those that you are competing against. If you don't spend the extra time and give the extra effort, I assure you that some of your competition will. Don't lose your spot on a team by allowing someone to out work you!

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