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IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week (9-4-18)
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Every high school student-athlete faces challenges--in the classroom, in their sport, and even at home. It seems like there is always an obstacle to overcome.  When you start becoming successful, a challenge you will face is how will you remain confident without becoming cocky.

A sportswriter recently asked a young professional golfer if you have to be cocky in order to succeed on the PGA Tour? I felt like the answer this pro gave sheds light on a mature approach.

"Inwardly, yes. Obviously you don't want to act that way on the outside, but if you're not confident, you've got no chance."

There's absolutely nothing wrong with believing in yourself. However, if it's taken too far and you start annoying those around you, it does more harm than good. Strive to find that good balance!

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