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"Promoting education based athletics in Indiana"

Outside influences can sometimes be a distraction to the development and progress of a student-athlete. An example would be when an athlete pays more attention to a parent, a personal trainer, or a personal instructor over the coach that is actually coaching his or her team.

In today's world, those outside influences, even though the intent is to help you, could do more harm than good. Stop and think for a second; who is the person you need to impress the most in order to make teams and earn playing time?  I hope you would answer that it's your coach.

While outside coaches and trainers can be valuable in skill development and physical development, the person you must impress the most is the coach.  If the philosophies ever differ between the outside influences and your coach, be sure to play it smart and go along with what your coach wants and expects. That way you give yourself the greatest opportunity of playing!

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