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"Promoting education based athletics in Indiana"

There are so many factors that lead to teams being successful, but one of the most important is chemistry. The Indiana Pacers of the NBA, like all teams, knows this as well. One of the best players off the bench, Cory Joseph, was quoted in the Indy Star with his version of chemistry.

Chemistry is a big factor in winning games. Everybody in the league can play.  Everybody is talented.  The right chemistry and the right mindset and team goals that everybody trusts and builds into say a lot. As long as we have the same goals (as a team) we could do big things."    

What can help your team be more successful? There's not a simple answer to this question, however, if you all get along and buy into the same team goals, you stand a reasonable chance of reaching your highest potential. Great teams have great chemistry. How does your team stack up?

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