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"Promoting education based athletics in Indiana"

If you are an underclassman (younger athlete) and trying to move up to the varsity, it can sometimes become a difficult adjustment. How's the best way to impress the coaches and your teammates in getting that job done?

There is no simple answer.  You must first of all be talented enough. But sometimes talent alone isn't enough. Proving yourself can be a difficult process and taking the place of an upperclassman can sometimes destroy team chemistry.

LaVall Jordan, basketball coach at Butler University described to the Indy Star how Duke transfer and first year player Jordan Tucker is trying to work his way into the Bulldogs rotation.

"He's trying to fit in before he stands out, which we all appreciate." Sometimes talent alone won't get you in the lineup. Your abilities, style of play and attitude must fit in as well. So if you are one of those players trying to move up the ranks, do all of those little things that show you are deserving of your inclusion!

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