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"Promoting education based athletics in Indiana"

While watching the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournament over the weekend, I am reminded how tough it is to compete in team sports and how very few players meet the expectations of their fan base, win or lose.

It's no different in high school.  If you participate in a team sport, I'm sure you realize by now how important each person on your team becomes. And to be quite honest, regardless of how hard you and your teammates prepare and practice, it's a challenge to get the results that you come to expect, especially from an individual standpoint.

But that's why they keep score. One team wins and one team loses.  The winning team never gets the scrutiny that the losing team gets. Winning team members get the accolades and losing team members get all the grief.

The one thing about team sports is that you win as a team and lose as a team. While individual performances are always important, it's the ones on the winning team that people will remember. It's a good feeling to have teammates you can count on, even though a victory is never a guarantee!

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