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"Promoting education based athletics in Indiana"

It's not often that you get to spend quality time with a Baseball Hall of Fame athlete to ask questions and get into the conversation of what makes great athletes. Last week I had that opportunity with baseball great Carlton Fisk.

The humble Fisk played 24 years in the major leagues as a catcher and hit 379 career home runs. Ironically, Fisk attended college on a basketball scholarship at the University of New Hampshire. 

I asked Carlton if he could give me one piece of advice for today's student-athletes, what would it be? He didn't hesitate.

"Regardless of the sport, it's vital that you don't dwell on the last play, Fisk said. Whether it's your last at bat or your last jump shot, you must move on to the next play, whether the previous play was good or bad."

He later went on to tell me that especially in baseball, where you get up to five at bats in one game, it's a must that you move on after each one. Fisk had that ability to have what I call short-term memory and he didn't differentiate between the good at bats and the bad. He took it one plate appearance at a time!

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