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Part of becoming a strong-minded student-athlete is learning how to deal with the ups and downs of competition.  You aren't going to win every time you go out, and you aren't going to perform up to your highest expectations every time you compete.

When things are going well, you are content and happy.  Everything seems to fall in place. However, when the flip side happens and you are struggling and looking for answers, who do you turn to?

I truly believe that when things aren't going your way, dig down inside yourself and learn how to make your own happiness. For example, if you aren't getting the playing time you thing you deserve, be thankful and happy that you are at least part of the team. In other words, find something positive about your current situation.

Feeling sorry for yourself and pointing fingers at others doesn't accomplish a thing. Instead, find one positive from a negative situation and be happy about it and move forward. Everyone has problems and you probably understand your situation better than anyone else, especially if you take the "happy" approach!

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