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"Promoting education based athletics in Indiana"

I'm a firm believer that high school athletes are made in the summer.  It's the one season where you have the free time to outwork and outdo your opponents.

Even if you have a job, it's much easier to work around than spending all day at school and worrying about school work every night.  In other words, there are no excuses.

What will you do this summer to improve yourself? Will you work on the things that help you improve? Are you willing to work out a couple of times a day? Will you truly work on your weaknesses and continue to work on those things that you are already good at?

Summer time gives you that chance to improve, grow, learn, and concentrate on those things that will make you better next school season. Don't let the athlete at a rivalry school gain the advantage that you are striving to achieve. So do your homework this summer!

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