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IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week (12-12-16)
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While watching my grandson play a youth basketball game over the weekend, I was impressed with his attitude and concentration while he wasn't in the game.   At his age, they play an equal amount of time so all the kids spend time on the bench.  In contrast to his young teammates, it was noticeable that he was focused on watching his teammates and the game.

In high school team sports more than half of the players are not participating in the game at a given time.  Can you say that you or your teammates stay focused on the game or match when you are not in the game?  Are you still involved or disinterested?

Concentrating on the game when you are on the bench is no guarantee of success when you get your chance to play, but it does show that you are engaged and care about the end result. Those that stay involved mentally while not playing have a much higher success rate when their chance finally comes or its time to give someone a rest!

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