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IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week (10-23-17)
"Promoting education based athletics in Indiana"

A famous fisherman once said that "If I wasn't fishing, I was thinking about fishing." In other words, fishing was always on his mind.

As a student-athlete, what is on your mind, spending your days at school and your afternoons practicing or preparing for your sport? What about your time away from school? Are you focused on the important things in your life?  Are you thinking about how you can improve your grades? Are you thinking about what you need to do in order to be better at your sport? Are you trying to be a stand-up citizen? Are you doing the right things to refresh your body and mind?

Thinking about the right things and then doing the right things can go a long way towards your success in the classroom, sports, and life in general.  Otherwise, it's easy to get sidetracked and lose your focus on what is really important!

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