2004-05 Track and Field Rules Revisions


3-2-4t By state association adoption, the games committee may designate the use of the 40-degree or 34.92-degree sectors in the shot and/or discus throw.  6-5-1, 6-4-5, 3-20-5

Rationale: Many high school track and field meets are conducted at college/university sites where the sectors are marked at 34.92 degrees. 



3-3-2 When entry limitations are more restrictive than NFHS Rule 4-2, the meet director shall announce the number of contestants who may represent a school and the number of events in which each contestant may enter and or compete. Delete: “in most instances, the state association has standards concerning those matters. When there are no statewide standards, the conference or meet director determines the regulations using the standards listed in Rule 4-2.”

Rationale: These changes more clearly define current practice and aligns this section with NFHS Rule 4-2.


4-2-1 A contestant shall not be entered in more than four events, excluding relays.

Rationale: To minimize risk, the committee has clearly defined the number of entries allowed. This change also provides a clarification that allows NFHS, state associations and member schools to accurately and consistently enforce and interpret NFHS rules.


4-3-1b3 Full-length track jersey and track shorts or body suit (one or two piece) issued by the school. (4-3-8).

  3. The jersey and shorts or body suit (one or two piece) may have the school identification and the competitor’s name.

  8. Remove “body suits.”  (4-3-5, 9-6-1b, 1, 2, 3, 8) 

Rationale: These changes reflect those that have been made in other NFHS rules and the new fabrics being utilized in uniforms.


6-2-12 Add penalty for infraction of warming up without a coach or event official at the venue-shall lead to a warning, and if repeated, a disqualification from that event. If the incident recurs, the athlete will be disqualified from further competition in the meet as a penalty for unsupervised warm-up in throwing and jumping events.

Rationale: This penalty is consistent with other NFHS penalties and is designed to minimize risk at NFHS track events.


Editorial changes 3-2-4k, 3-5-4b; 3-8-4; 3-9-6,  4-2-PEN, 4-3-6 PEN; 4-20-5; 4-3-2b; 6-2-13; 6-3-15; 6-4-9; 6-5-9, 10-2-5