May 4, 2009




Eleven proposals were approved and three defeated during the IHSAA Board of Directors annual review of the Association’s By-Laws in Indianapolis today. Following that meeting, the Executive Committee also conducted a review of the state gymnastics meet held March 21, 2009.


A copy of the agenda used by the Board is available in PDF from the IHSAA website. A copy of the current by-laws also is available in PDF. All proposals are considered in the order that the affected rule appears within the current by-laws.


Among the most noteworthy decisions among the 14 items voted upon by the Board of Directors were:


  • An amendment to Rule 15-2.1a and Rule 15-2.2a was approved 19-0 to assign to member school principals the decision whether students may miss class time to participate in non-school activities. Previously, it was a violation to participate in those activities during school time.


  • Reaffirmed by a 19-0 margin its January decision to change Rule 9-10 allowing girls to try out for baseball.


  • Approved 18-1 a proposal that clarifies only students who attend a school or a feeder school of the school sponsoring an open facility program may participate.


  • Approved by a 19-0 count a more detailed explanation of Rule 20 dealing with Undue Influence and Financial Aid Programs.


  • The Board unanimously turned down a proposal that would allow a referendum of school principals of any by-law amendment that was defeated or tabled and a proposal that would allow tennis players to participate in camps and clinics anytime during the school year except during their pre-season practice and contest season.


  • The elections for next year’s leadership of the Board and Executive Committee also were held. Jay County Principal Phil Ford was voted Board President for 2009-10 and North Daviess Principal Jed Jerrels was selected as Vice President. Paul Neidig, Evansville Central Athletic Director, was named Chairman of the 2009-10 Executive Committee and Janis Qualizza, Merrillville Athletic Director, was confirmed as Vice Chairman.


During the Executive Committee session, it had been recently reported by Chesterton High School that a student-athlete on the team’s state runner-up girls gymnastics squad had participated the entire season, including the state tournament series, without having submitted a completed physical form to the school.


Due to this violation of Rule 3-10 of the IHSAA By-Laws, the Chesterton gymnastics program has been placed on probation for the 2009-10 school year. The state tournament series scores have been recalculated after forfeiting the places and points earned by the ineligible gymnast in accordance with Rules 3-9.4 and 3-9.5. The school also will have to surrender the state runner-up trophy and recalculate regular season meet scores.


Chesterton finished second to Valparaiso at all three levels of the state tournament. After recalculating points, Chesterton maintained its runner-up finish as a team at the sectional, but fell to third place at the regional (Merrillville moves to second) and sixth place at the state finals. Roncalli, the original third place finisher at the state meet, has been moved to the runner-up position with Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger now placing third and Columbus North and Hagerstown finishing tied for fourth.


Revised State Tournament Series Results
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About the Board of Directors

The IHSAA is governed by its legislative body, the Board of Directors. Composed of 19 individuals elected by member school principals from three legislative districts, they serve staggered three-year terms. Twelve board seats are filled by any qualified individual (open seats), and seven board seats are filled by two qualified female representatives, two qualified minority representatives, two qualified urban school representatives and one qualified private school representative. The Board of Directors meets annually with the responsibility of establishing the Association’s By-Laws and regulations.


District, Seat

Board Member

Term Ends




District I, Class A

Debb Stevens, Caston

June 2011

District I, Class AA

Phil Hoskins, Fairfield

June 2009

District I, Class AAA

Geoff Penrod, Columbia City

June 2011

District I, Class AAAA

Joe Santa, Warsaw HS

June 2012




District II, Class A

Ken Howell, Blue River Valley

June 2012

District II, Class AA

Jim Diagostino, Tri-West Hendricks

June 2011

District II, Class AAA

Steve Cox, Beech Grove

June 2012

District II, Class AAAA

Phillip Ford, Jay County

June 2011




District III, Class A

Jed Jerrels, North Daviess

June 2011

District III, Class AA

Tim Grove, North Knox

June 2012

District III, Class AAA

Mike Whitten, Boonville

June 2011

District III, Class AAAA

Phillip DeLong, Castle

June 2012




North District, Female

Nancy Alspaugh, Manchester**

June 2010

North District, Minority

Robert Falls, Michigan City

June 2010

North District, Urban

Janis Qualizza, Merrillville*

June 2010




South District, Female

Pam Noble, Connersville

June 2010

South District, Minority

Robert Faulkens, Indianapolis Crispus Attucks

June 2010

South District, Urban

Paul Neidig, Evansville Central

June 2010




Private School

John Marks, Fort Wayne Concordia

June 2010




* President

** Vice-President









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