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IHSAA Student Athlete Tip of the Week (1-16-23)

Posted: January 16, 2023

IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week (1/16/23)

"Promoting Education Based Athletics in Indiana"

Almost all athletes have played in games where their team falls behind by a big margin.  It looks like there is no chance to win.  What does your coach say?  "Don't give up, keep working hard, let's get back in the game."  

In last Saturday's NFL playoff game, the hometown Jacksonville Jaguars trailed the LA Chargers by a score of 27-0 with a minute left in the first half.  Let's face it, down by that score, it is hard to overcome.  If you were watching this game, you were thinking it was over.  It wasn't.  Jacksonville won 31-30.  

This kind of comeback seldom happens but there is a lesson we can all take from this type of game.  You always play hard and never give up regardless of the score.  

If you were to ask your coach or parents if they have ever witnessed an unimaginable comeback, I am sure they could recall one they could share with you.  

Never take a big lead for granted and never give up if you fall way behind!


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