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2009-10 IHSAA Board of Directors and

                              Executive Committee

         The IHSAA is governed by its legislative body, the Board of Directors. Composed of 19 individuals elected by member
         school principals from three legislative districts, they serve staggered three-year terms. Twelve board seats are filled by any
         qualified individual (open seats), and six board seats are filled by two qualified female representatives, two qualified minority
         representatives, two qualified urban school representatives and one private school representative. The Board of Directors
         meets annually with the responsibility of establishing the Association’s By-Laws and regulations.

         The Executive Committee meets monthly and is responsible for organizing and directing state tournaments and meets,
         interpreting the Association’s By-Laws, determining penalties for rules violations, and establishing the Association’s state
         office and employing a commissioner and staff to administer the Association.

         IHSAA Board of Directors                        IHSAA Executive Committee
         District, Seat   Board Member        Term Ends  Paul Neidig, Evansville Central (Chairman)
         District I, Class A   Debb Stevens, Caston   June 2011  Janis Qualizza, Merrillville (Vice-Chairman)
         District I, Class AA   Nathan Dean, Jimtown   June 2012  Nancy Alspaugh, Manchester
         District I, Class AAA   Geoff Penrod, Columbia City   June 2011  Steve Cox, Beech Grove
         District I, Class AAAA   Joe Santa, Warsaw HS   June 2012  Nathan Dean, Jimtown
         District II, Class A   Ken Howell, Blue River Valley   June 2012
         District II, Class AA   Jim Diagostino, Tri-West Hendricks   June 2011  Phillip DeLong, Castle
         District II, Class AAA   Steve Cox, Beech Grove   June 2012  Jim Diagostino, Tri-West Hendricks
         District II, Class AAAA   Phillip Ford, Jay County*   June 2011  Robert Falls, Michigan City
         District III, Class A   Jed Jerrels, North Daviess**   June 2011  Robert Faulkens, Indianapolis Crispus Attucks
         District III, Class AA   Tim Grove, North Knox   June 2012  Phillip Ford, Jay County
         District III, Class AAA   Mike Whitten, Boonville   June 2011  Tim Grove, North Knox
         District III, Class AAAA   Phillip DeLong, Castle   June 2012  Ken Howell, Blue River Valley
         North District, Female   Nancy Alspaugh, Manchester   June 2010  Jed Jerrels, North Daviess
         North District, Minority   Robert Falls, Michigan City   June 2010  John Marks, Fort Wayne Concordia
         North District, Urban   Janis Qualizza, Merrillville   June 2010  Pam Noble, Connersville
         South District, Female   Pam Noble, Connersville   June 2010  Geoff Penrod, Columbia City
         South District, Minority   Robert Faulkens, Indpls. Crispus Attucks  June 2010  Joe Santa, Warsaw
         South District, Urban   Paul Neidig, Evansville Central   June 2010  Debb Stevens, Caston
         Private School   John Marks, Fort Wayne Concordia   June 2010
                                                         Mike Whitten, Boonville
         * President      ** Vice-President

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