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Welcome to this
        Championship Event

     Since 1903, the Indiana High School Athletic Associa-
     tion has promoted the values of education based ath-
     letics and was the primary reason for its formation over
                        100 years ago.  It has   Special Thanks To Our Host
                        been an honor for our
                        Association to partner           IUPUI
                        with member schools in      Michael A. Carroll
                        the promotion of these   Track and Soccer Stadium
                        ideals.  The importance     101 W. New York Street
                        of this mission is more      Indianapolis, IN 46202
                        critical today than ever     Phone: 317-274-5555
                        in our history.     
                        Currently in our state,   State Finals Personnel
                        over 160,000 students
                        from 410 different   Tournament Administrator
                                           Sandra Walter, Assistant Commissioner
                        IHSAA member schools
                        choose to participate   Assistant Tournament Administrator
     in interscholastic athletics.  These fortunate students   Kelsey Hoefer, Administrative Assistant
     absorb a variety of life lessons as they develop from   Tournament Director
     adolescents to mature young adults.  The opportunity   Bryce Barton, Athletic Director
     to learn self-discipline, teamwork, sacrifice, loyalty and   Crawfordsville High School
     commitment are attributes that have come to be known
     as “the other half of education.”  The mastery of these   Site Director
                                           Dave Thibodeau, IUPUI
     characteristics retains dramatic impact as these young
     people assume leadership roles in our society.  Head Referees
                                           Bruce King, Aaron Wiley, Ismail Attallah, Jim Hoover
     A former high school principal once shared with each   Boys Officials
     of his incoming freshman classes that “you will only   A: Ryan Dunfee, Louis Glascock, Chuck Mayfield
     take away from high school what you leave behind.”     2A: Doug Ostendorf, Doug Manning, Bill Hines
     The students that perform before you today are leaving
     their absolute best behind for generations of admirers   Girls Officials
                                           A: Patrick Sullivan, Jerry McClatchey, David Greene
     to recall.                            2A: Dottie Outcalt, Charles Roland, Marc Christle

     On behalf of the IHSAA Staff and Board of Directors,   Athletic Training Staff
     we welcome you to today’s events.   Education based   Methodist Sports Medicine - The Orthopedic Specialists
     athletics which are pure, wholesome, and inexpensive   Program Credits
     reflecting local flavor and enthusiasm has always been
     the objective.  It is what we mean when we say…..   Publisher:  Bobby Cox, Commissioner
                                           Editor: Rob Kimes, Communications Assistant
     Pure Spirit, Pure Sport, Pure Indiana!  Editorial Assistance:
                                           Evan Wilks, Sports Administration Intern
     Cordially,                            Printing: Sport Graphics, Indianapolis
                                           Photography: Bill McAdow, Champions Illustrated
                                           Cover Design: three-sixty group, Indianapolis

     Bobby Cox                                           IHSAA
     IHSAA Commissioner                               P.O. Box 40650
                                                 Indianapolis, IN 46240-0650

     4                     IHSAA - Pure Spirit.  Pure Sport.  Pure INDIANA!
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