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Giving to the IHSAA Foundation


Be a Champion of Education-Based Athletics

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Additional Ways to Contribute

Estate and Planned Giving (Legacy Giving)

Make the IHSAA Foundation part of your future and lasting legacy. Planned giving allows you to make an impact on student-athletes in our community for generations. Contact IHSAA Foundation Director, Trip Lukemeyer, at or (317) 846-6601, to learn more. 

Matching Gifts and Corporate Contributions

Double your impact. Some employers will match your gift to a non-profit organization like the IHSAA Foundation. Reach out to your Human Resources Department or Executive Team to see if that's an option. 

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD's)

Some over the age of 72 are required to make distributions from investment accounts. By donating directly to the IHSAA Foundation, a qualified charitable organization (QCI), you can potentially decrease your tax burden. Contact your financial advisor for more information. 

Want to know more information about any of the topics above? Simply fill out the form below and an IHSAA Foundation representative will reach out to discuss. 

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Estate and Planned Giving
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Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
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