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IHSAA Foundation


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Supporting, Promoting, and Nurturing Education-based Athletics for the Next Generation

Founded in 2016, the IHSAA Foundation strives to promote and support the values and impact of education-based athletics in communities within all 92 Indiana Counties. 

High School athletics have played an integral part in the development of today's leaders; by contributing to the IHSAA you are supporting and progressing the impact of the second classroom for generations to come. Find out how you can support the next generation of doctors, teachers, firefighters, construction workers... The next leaders in our communities. 

Current Initiatives


Officiating 101

Approved by the Indiana Department of Education, students at IHSAA member schools can enroll in the IHSAA's Officiating 101 Program. During this course, students across Indiana gain access to sport training and rule modules as it pertains to officiating IHSAA sanctioned sports, learn NFHS rules, and obtain an IHSAA Provisional License to officiate lower level contests while enrolled in high school.



Leadership Development

School administrators have the opportunity to participate in a national cohort to change the current landscape and view of high school sports.  Consistent with the first tenet of the Role of the IHSAA Foundation, the purpose of the InSideOut Program is to transform the “win-at-all-costs” sports culture into an opportunity to teach life lessons that will benefit students for the rest of their lives.



Student Advisory Committee

IHSAA member schools who do not currently have a Student Advisory Committee are eligible to apply for financial support through the IHSAA Foundation. Grants allow schools to send students to the IHSAA’s Student Leadership Conference before forming their own SAC. 


Scholarship Opportunities Available

Support for Education Beyond the Second Classroom

With over $40,000 worth of post-secondary scholarships awarded to IHSAA student-athletes each year, financial support from the IHSAA Foundation allows students to continue building upon the skills learned in education-based athletics at the collegiate and trade-school level. 


Upcoming Events


Honoring and recognizing the achievements of student-athletes on the field, in the classroom, and within their community. This banquet highlights their work excelling and impacting others.

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
Event Begins: 6:00 PM
Indianapolis Colts' Gridiron Hall 

Today's student-athletes are tomorrow's leaders. The IHSAA Foundation is uniquely positioned to teach life lessons through their involvement in education-based athletics.

Dr. Philip N. Eskew, Jr., M.D.

IHSAA Foundation Board of Directors Chairman



Leading the Way

Comprised of educators, partners, and key figures within communities around our state, the IHSAA Board of Directors plays a crucial role in opportunities available to schools and student-athletes. 

Thank You to Our Donors

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