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IHSAA Student Athlete Tip of the Week (9-9-22)

Posted: September 9, 2022

IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week (9-5-22)

"Promoting Education Based Athletics in Indiana"

The IHSAA and its member schools and athletes pride themselves on promoting good sportsmanship.  When you practice and play your sport, do you show fair and generous behavior towards your teammates and opponents?

Nothing is more inspiring to a spectator at an athletic event than seeing good sportsmanship on display.  

This past month, during the Little League World Series, a player who had been struck on the head (by a pitched ball) showed what sportsmanship was all about.  The pitcher who threw the ball was visibly upset and was having trouble controlling his emotions.  

The opposing player (who he hit) walked to the pitcher's mound from first base and put his arm around his opponent and told him he was ok.  It was one of the classiest moves I have even seen at an athletic event.

Good sportsmanship is all about controlling your own behavior and emotions while caring about others at the same time, regardless of the circumstances!


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