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Leadership Development


Teaching our Next Leaders

Coaches, Athletic Directors, Officials, and all involved in high school athletics serve as role models for high school students.  By setting the example for our next generation of leaders, we ensure a positive and impactful experience during their time competing in high school athletics. 

Below are resources that are available to athletic directors for every IHSAA member school. These programs are developed to ensure the continuation of promoting the values of education-based athletics on every level of high school athletics. 

InSideOut Initiative

Redefining the purpose of participating in high school sports


How do coaches define success? Is it by the numbers on the scoreboard? Or is there a higher standard?

Through a partnership with the InSideOut Initiative, athletic directors from participating IHSAA member schools transform the “win-at-all-costs” sports culture into an opportunity to teach life lessons that will benefit students for the rest of their lives.

The program asks coaches penetrating questions like, “Why do I coach?” and “How does it feel to be coached by me?”

As a result of redefining the purpose of participating in high school sports, coaches learn how to teach more than strategy and physical skills. They also are taught how to emphasize the importance of leading productive, morally rich, empathetic lives. And that’s what education-based athletics are all about.

The IHSAA Foundation believes it is vital that every high school coach in Indiana participates in the InSideOut Initiative and works to redefine what "success" means for high school athletics.


The InSideOut Initiative is not something you do, it is something you become.

Mike Mossbrucker

Athletic Director, Mooresville High School

Schools Participating in the InSideOut Initiative  in 2023

While Athletic Directors around our state participate in guided courses for periods of time, implementing the teachings learned and redefining the definition of success within an athletic department remain an ongoing and important task. 

The schools below have made the recent commitment to be the change by participating in the most recent cohort. 

Bluffton High School

Steve Thompson, Athletic Director

Centerville High School

Shane Osting, Athletic Director

Clay City High School

Rachel Kiefer, Athletic Director

Danville Community High School

Aimee Harvey, Athletic Director

Hammond Bishop Noll Institute

Cynthia Wilson, Athletic Director

Oregon-Davis High School

Aubrey Lady, Athletic Director


Apply for Leadership Development Grant

Principals and Athletic Directors from IHSAA member schools can apply for financial support through the IHSAA Foundation by completing the Leadership Development Grant Application emailed to them. 

Reach out to IHSAA Foundation Director, Trip Lukemeyer, at or (317) 846-6601, with any questions or if in need of additional information on the grant application. 


Its Never Too Late

Making a positive change is never easy, but its always a good time to do it. Reach out to IHSAA Foundation Director, Trip Lukemeyer, at or (317) 846-6601 on how to make the commitment. 

Guidance for New Athletic Directors

Reach out to Associate Commissioner, Ed Gilliland.

Utilizing his 25 years as an athletic director at LaPorte High School and member of the Indiana Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (IIAAA), Ed Gilliland was appointed as Associate Commissioner of the IHSAA in 2022. In addition to his roles of recruiting and retaining officials and providing support for member schools, he shares his extensive knowledge on logistics and operating high school athletic departments.

Those interested in reaching out to Ed for guidance can do so at

Ed Gilliland

Ed Gilliland

Associate Commissioner